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In show business, "punchup" is the process of refining the plot and dialogue of a film to make it feel more real, more entertaining. Sharp minds, honed in the crucible of live stand-up, temper the script into something better.


A zinger here, a bon mot there. Cut this, sharpen that. Move this here, put that there. It's like a tuneup, but for art.


We here at Punchup have been doing it for years. What we realised was that this process shouldn't be limited merely to the arts. Most aspects of life can benefit from some "punchup" - utilising the skills of seasoned, professional comedians to make even the mundane seem fun.


Comedy is a skill, honed over many years, which uses humour and performance to engage an audience and slip past their cynicism and defences. There is no magic to it, no mysticism, it is the application of processes to deliver a predictable result - entertainment.


These skills can be harnessed. They can be taught. They need not be restricted to the proscenium arch. If you're looking to ride the lightning and engage with a target market - be that an audience, a colleague, a client, anyone human* - then Punchup has what you need.

*Currently only humans guaranteed. Canine and reptile comedy pending.


  • 'Damian Smith made it look easy, finding funny in unlikely topics - Chortle (Damo)

  • 'A wonderful performer to match his razor-sharp writing skills' - Herald Sun (Damo)

  • 'A major highlight was Smith's near brilliant bursts of hyper-articulate verbiage' - Herald Sun (Damo)

  • 'Pretty damn impressive!' - Time Out (JB)

  • 'Impeccable comic timing and an endearing quality that only few comics possess' - The West Australian (JB)

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Damian Smith is on the autism spectrum. "But you don't act like you're autistic" people say. Exactly. Damian has spent 35 years decoding human interaction and has boiled social interactions down to a formula. Would you like to know more?

The Science of Storytelling

Being interesting isn't something you're born with. It's a skill, and all skills can be learned. We show you how to harness the power of storytelling to keep your audience entertained, engaged and hungry for more.

Mindhacking 101

Roughly 250,000 years ago, homo sapiens evolved and conquered the earth. We've not really changed much since then though. We're the same animal now as we were then, and what worked then still works now. This course is all about how to hack the brain of your audience with the power of science!

Comedy for Confidence

Do you get nervous at all?

We don't. And we'd like to share this superpower with you.

Learn the tips and tricks that professional comedians use to command a room with your voice, and go from dreading being the centre of attention to demanding it.

It's a fact that genuine humour gets through to people and pushes content ahead of the pack. It's also a fact that being genuinely funny is quite difficult.

For most people.

Not us. We can create or refine your content to tickle fancies and penetrate markets.

With degrees in film, television and creative writing and three decades of experience, we're adept at structure, drama, and dialogue punchup. Do you have an article that needs to be article-ier?

Do you have a script that needs to be scriptier? This is for you


Punchup is a collective of professional comedians and entertainers of all creeds based in Sydney, Australia. It is headed by Damian Smith (Casey Affleck's Dorian Gray) and Jacques Barrett (if Burt Reynolds ate Ryan Reynolds)


Comedy colleagues and dear friends for over a decade, Jacques Barrett and Damian Smith have finally teamed up to form a conglomerate. A one stop shop for the world's comedy needs. Live show production, screen and speech writing, beginner workshops, and consulting for corporate speakers looking to add comedy to their arsenal.


With a combined 30 years comedy experience these boys know their stuff.