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Who needs it?


Where do you get it?


And that's the problem.

If you've ever hired a copywriter you might have noticed that all copywriting is...kind of the same.

That's because copywriting is created by copywriters - not entertainers. Not comedians, or authors, or poets, or philosophers - it's people who just write copy. And it shows.

Because copywriting is driven by people who studied copywriting. People who follow metrics, performance indicators, and market trends. People who have never had to captivate a crowd and hold them in awe.


People who have never stirred an emotion or felt the rapture of applause. People who have removed themselves from what it means to engage with an audience.

The copy you find out there in the wild is a bland, tasteless mush. It might be nutritionally balanced, but there's no flavour. You're not excited by it.

What we do here at Punchup is the copy equivalent of French cuisine.

We know what people like, what they engage with. What makes them pay attention. Not because we read it in a book, or we followed a trend, or we looked at some data. But because we're out there doing it. Breathing it. We're not armchair tacticians looking at maps and making calculations, we're out there fighting in the trenches. We're storming the beaches. We're taking the goddamn hill. If you need to know where the front line is, look for us and follow if you can.

If you want run of the mill then there are plenty of snake-oil merchants out there willing to take your coin. If you want copywriting that is entertaining, engaging and fun then you want us.

Because we live it.

What magic do we create?

  • Website content

  • Articles and 'listicles'

  • Organic content

  • Cover Letters

  • Applications

  • Blogs

  • Novellas

  • eBooks

  • Things that aren't on this list? Try us, we're flexible




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