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What separates the good comedians from the pedestrian? The experienced from the open-micers?


It's the intangibles.


It's never using seven words when three will do. It's knowing that a hard consonant is funnier than a soft one. That the visual cortex processes lines and angles before shapes and colours. That active characters talk about what they're going to do, that passive characters talk about what was done to them. That sharp angles make us excited and rounded curves make us comfortable. That received pronunciation makes one sound 'posh' and a pharyngeal squeeze does the opposite. A high fall will make you sound like a nerd, 'th-fronting' will make you sound street. That a good story starts as close to the end as possible and is 90% true.

It's about knowing that people say they love surprises but they secretly crave structure.


(For a much more detailed look at these principles check out our new book The Book On Comedy: The Science of Laughter)


When we do punchup we take the lessons learned from a combined half-century of comedic experience and we use it to sharpen, polish, gild, sparkle and bedazzle your product into something even better. 


It's like editing, but where editing is a lightning bug, punchup is the lightning.


We take something of yours and we apply our special potion of lessons learned in decades of entertaining live crowds, shutting down hecklers, writing scripts, giving lectures, producing, directing, performing stage magic, performing actual magic, and much more.


You've got something good. We respect that. But we can turn it into something great.  

What can you get embiggened?

  • Scripts

  • Blogs

  • Website Copy

  • Print Copy

  • Advertisements

  • Job Listings

  • Resumés and CVs

  • Cover Letters

  • Social Media Pages

  • Stand-up Comedy Routines (if you're crazy enough to do it)

  • and much, much more...this is running long

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