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We're doing a Sydney Fringe Comedy show. You can click here for the link.  Or poke our shiny faces above to be sent to the official page.

But here's the thing:

Festival shows are a lot like fireworks. They're a lot of fun, a real blast, and everyone has a wonderful time.

But, like fireworks, you can only use them once.

After we do this run, The Rainman Tour will never be seen again.

Imagine your favourite band sitting down, working on their brand new album, trying to create something that everyone will enjoy - and then that band being able to perform that album exactly once.

That's a festival show.

That's a lot of creative energy to expend on something so...ephemeral.

To that end we have decided that our level of commitment to writing this show will be directly proportional to how many people commit to pre-purchasing tickets.

We've crunched the numbers and worked out that, given the capacity of the venue and the run-time of a show, we will each write and refine exactly 10 seconds of comedy for every ticket purchased. You can track the amount of material being written with the handy app we've installed below.


As you can see, we've written a stellar [refer to app] seconds of material. It's really banging. But if you want to ramp this puppy all the way to 60 minutes of the best comedy you've seen in your lives, you need to get on it.

You need to get family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and blood-sworn enemies in on the action. Buy a ticket. Enjoy the ride. Fill up the little red bar that is the digital representation of two comedian's hearts.